consider this your invitation
glittering and awkward
a peace offering before the battle
an apology, heartfelt and honest, ahead of the break
all that is to come a distant memory not yet made
the stuff of love songs never written
and romantic moonlit nights not witnessed
heaven on high body-heaving soul-healing encounters
the kind you’ll shyly take to the grave
the skin-to-skin details too much blush for dining table banter
this is the beginning of your undoing
that loose thread unravel spinning
your press start moment
your ‘remember when’ and ‘it won’t even be the same again’
your life uninhibited
wondrous magnificence
proof the universe is more than this:
this hard-pressed nine-to-five slog time-for-goods humdrummery

you are not your job
not your debt
not you parents’ expectations
not your disease
not your broken lock walk up apartment with the leaky kitchen tap and twice yearly bedbug fumigation
not the sinking foundation of the house you grew up in
not the sensitive masculinized teetering of fragile democracy

you are a seed programmed to bloom despite the drought
lungs designed to breath despite being born underwater
a heart meant to live save the fine cracks of hard love breaking your softness
you are an impossible calamity of stardust smashed together
in this, this fleetingest of moments
inconsequential to anyone other than you me and the air we breath

you cosmic wonder
you impossible puzzle
you once were but never will be again
you magic fucking unicorn
you limitless possibility
you karmic bank
you now or never dare to be something
you recipe forged in the kitchen of divine intervention
you unsolved mystery
you electric bugaloo
you cells dancing and cares not given
you laugh till you cry till you puke till you die

lines etched into a once young face that marvelled at how easily the sun rose again and again
even though day turns her back at the slightest hint of night

you are proof angels fall but keep falling gracefully
you are a gift wrapped up and birthday party bow perfect
pattern imperfect repeating indefinitely
you are momentary proof of a god
an adventure most curious waiting to begin

consider this your invitation


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