the heat breaks at 4am

shirt stick and sweat stink
i am drenched from fitful midsummer sleep

now shivering in fresh breeze blowing open curtains
and dreams, parted

you still, uninvited and lingering
flashes of your face on the inside of lids
blink blinking to find meaning

in this, this darkest hour between midnight and daylight

the sun comes up earlier and earlier around here this time of year

hardly a moment, that slow horizon dip
as if forgetting to breath she gasps,
shooting straight up again for midday reach

and so the sky never really gets dark

not desolate deep freeze dark

not without you dark

as if she’s afraid, keeping the faintest of night lights lit in the hallway

so that i might stumble to the bathroom

so that you might stumble

home again

it’s easy to forget you
between sun up and sun down
between low lying heat and long stretched shadows
between do this and be here and breakfast lunch dinner laundry teeth bedtime routine

but not so on nights like these

not sheets wet through nights like these

the heat it

has that effect

and so when it breaks
snaps bends twists and shrieks

there’s relief, sweet release
a giving up and giving in

a sort of deep sigh permission to begin again


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