i am kiddie pool cool splash on hot summer sunburn afternoon,
backyard hose wetted head knotted and bumbling,
busy bee brambling,
dandelion puff blowing going gone,
i am dog days stretched out taffy limb long,
left outside to furiously fade like childhood memory

like how it used to be,
like the longest goodbye never said aloud

i am sand, gritty and unwelcome,
grabbing hold of the folds men’s eyes on family beaches taught me to hide,
to flaunt,

too young to know,
too feminine to deny

i am helium laughter floating,
lightning burst exploding,
hazardous to your health even

crackling breath sticking sharp and changing you,
one chest suck lung heave at a time

i am tree climb knee scrape vantage point,
sniper crosshair hit,
clay pigeon pull and rally

i am not afraid to penetrate you like that

i am dead felled sycamores laying down,
gentle giants kneeling,
bowed arms protective and hugging

i am a holy rolling catastrophe,
unforgiving and unforgettable,
simple but devastating

front page news clipped and stuck to the fridge

an occasion you can’t forget,
how you’ll always remember what you were wearing the day it happened

i am messy bedroom heart,
dirty laundry scattered and broken glass intentions,
mouldy food scraps and hidden treasure

enough to make rent, even

i am overstuffed bookshelf wisdom,
wide eyed never before now innocence blinking,
mirror stare i swear i saw her over my shoulder

i am ghost girl

tender heart beating echo of some time ago,
a rhythmic pulse impossible to shake

ta, ta, tatta, ta
shoulder shimmy, belly wiggle, foot stomp,

i am everything you are and everything you wish you could be

umbilical stretch forward and back
generations unstoppable

i am immortal


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