her laughter lifts like helium balloons kissing the ceiling
bouncing skin giving in

she is unstoppable and precious all at once
capable of shapeshifting
of being batted about by storm winds
of popping suddenly and without reason
the heart rush surprise of fresh burst escaping pinhole puncture

she is unstable
but rarely dangerous
a choking hazard, maybe
if you were careless with her smaller bits

she comes in all your favourite colours
and stretches herself thin to fit in
elastic enough to run you ragged
gut punching you out of breath

brittle if left too long alone
her insides dried and tired

she is best kept full
of secrets
of first kisses
of spitshine promises
of whistled tunes made up
of licked lips
of raspberries
of soft whispered i love yous

she is simple the way prairie lightning is simple
she is hard to get to know
harder to forget
she is a manmade wonder
and a work of nature

she is common
but like no one you’ve ever met

you will want to fill your room with her
let the sweet scent of her milk breath linger on your pillow a moment longer
remember the fine curl of her ribbon hair between fingers
memorize the lines in her face before age etches them eternal
count her ribs and the number of times she giggles when you touch her there
remember the way she hooked herself effortlessly around you
how a fishing net might gather shellfish

you will want to fill your room with her
let her laughter dance above you, kissing the ceiling
tauntingly out of reach


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